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September 2, 2007 / Ben Chun

Back to School

Here’s my new blog for a new year, teaching new subjects at a new school. In making the switch from teaching math to teaching computers, it only seems appropriate that I at least use technology that I know to be effective. My blogging experiences in the past have been mostly positive, yielding great ideas, professional growth, and connections to resources. So I’m looking forward to continuing that. There’s a little more background on my About page, including an important distinction: this time around I’m writing under my real name. This is the real deal.

We just finished our first week of school. It’s a little unnerving for me to have a class with 35 freshmen in it where they all have pencils. And paper. And when I ask for a paragraph, they all just start using the aforementioned pencils to write on the previously noted paper. I keep waiting for the Candid Camera guy to jump out, and all the kids to start laughing and get back to their iPods, text messages, lost homework, and missing skills. But it doesn’t happen like that. Instead, I ask them all to email me an assignment, and I only have a few students who need help setting up an email account. The rest of them have been doing this since middle school, and they already well know how to play the “school game” — you do what the teacher says, and try to figure out what the teacher wants.

It makes me want to shake them up a little. I think they need it, and I’m sure the time will come. But for now I’m simply enjoying, and trying not to feel guilty that I’ve fled the ghetto for greener pastures. It turns out there’s still a lot of work to do, especially in prepping for three classes I’ve never taught before. I’m really excited to be teaching classes that offer a lot of freedom in the curriculum, classes where I can take a practical look at daily skills my students will need, classes where I can design lessons to teach anything related to technology — which is basically everything!



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  1. tony lucchese / Sep 2 2007 4:10 pm

    Welcome back. Thanks for the link to the new site.

  2. H. / Sep 11 2007 6:47 am

    You’re back! Hooray!

    Still got your Knowing and Learning Elementary Math book, btw. Should get it back to you soon.

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