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September 24, 2007 / Ben Chun


I just got my three freshman classes to sign up for QuizStar, which is a nonprofit online service for creating and giving tests. The students will take a test tomorrow on “How the Internet Works” that I just finished creating. If you’re on QuizStar and want to check it out, drop me a comment and I can send you the Import Code.

Anyway, before they signed up we got talk about how to deal with the fact that so many web sites require you to create a username and password. After discussing the pros and cons of writing down passwords on paper or electronically, pretty much everyone (including me) admitted to using the same password for many sites. The students were generally aware that this reduced their security, but accepted that as a trade-off. I told them that many people have a few passwords, and use one for “general web stuff” and another for “bank and money stuff”. The suggestion of using variations on a password came up in a couple classes. I like these kinds of discussions. It’s still hard to talk with the monitors blocking student views of each other and me, so I move around a lot.


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