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October 1, 2007 / Ben Chun

Email Demographics

After a month of having students send me email to turn in assignments (and trying to figure out which student goes with which crazy email name), I got curious about the relative market share of various free email services. Of the 116 freshmen, 32 sophomores, and 31 seniors that I have, it looks like Yahoo is the clear winner, and there isn’t really much meaningful variation across those four years of age difference:


This is interesting, because I feel like my generation (or maybe just my particular set of nerdy friends) has converged on GMail as our top choice on functionality and features. I wonder how this compares to national trends in other age groups and demographics, and also what marketing efforts Yahoo is making to grab these younger users.



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  1. davee / Oct 1 2007 10:01 am how cute!

  2. justanothersnarkystudentblog / Oct 1 2007 11:26 am

    That’s an accurate reflection of my nerdy friends as well. From what I’ve noticed, the people who use their email (for more than just sending in assignments) vastly prefer gmail — better labeling, folders, and, the holy grail, the excellent search bar. Then again, it could just be that gmail has gmail chat — and we all know what a good time-waster that can be.

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