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October 24, 2007 / Ben Chun

An Old Trick

This is a classic standby for teachers, but it works so well that I can’t help myself: Asking students to write their own test questions. It’s a great way to get them involved in a review, and it even helps me see new ways to ask about — or even think about — what the class has been learning. Even though I was out today, the work my freshmen did with the substitute was great. I told them I would use at least one question from each class, so perhaps it’s just that little extra bit of competition or possible reward that motivates.

I’m putting together a quiz for this Friday, and I’m thinking that I might even put the names of the students along with the questions that I use. To any teachers who haven’t tried this trick before, I highly recommend it.

The best one today:

Which is not a listed hoax on the Inboxer Rebellion hoax page?
a.) “Dave Matthews is dead”
b.) A company called “ManBeef” sells human meat.
c.) “Jimi Hendrix and Elvis are still alive, and live together.”
d.) “CNN has reported Tupac Shakur is alive.”

The student starred letter c (as the correct answer) and wrote “I made this up, but wouldn’t it be pretty cool?”


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