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October 29, 2007 / Ben Chun

Did You Know?

I showed the latest version of Did You Know? to my 10th grade class today. I had to circumvent the district block on YouTube to show the movie. Silly that I have to do that, but whatever. The one unexpected moment (for me) came when the movie claims that, “In 10 years it is predicted that the number one English speaking country in the world will be… China.”

My class cheered. (Remember that my school is about 60% Asian, which mostly means Chinese.) That one took me for a loop, because I never would have thought to celebrate that concept. I mean, I’m half Chinese and everything, but I was too wound up in questions at that moment.

My questions — and issues with other details in this generally very thought-provoking movie — are brought on by the vague and broad nature of the claims: what does it mean to be the “number one English speaking country”? Biggest population of English speakers? Greatest GDP? Greatest GDP per capita? Greatest GDP per English speaker? Highest college graduation rate? Fastest stock market growth rate?

Maybe I’ll bring that up on our Moodle discussion tomorrow.


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