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November 29, 2007 / Ben Chun

Industrial Revolution

Making a little more progress on the industrial revolution project, we have the list of inventions. Now that they have some background in what the industrial revolution was generally about, this is what our students will begin researching next week:

  • Gas Lighting
  • Steamship
  • Electric battery
  • Steam locomotive
  • Telegraph
  • Anesthetics
  • Passenger elevator
  • Telephone
  • Airplane

To help students prepare for the project, I had my friend Axel from Language In Common as a guest speaker. He introduced them to two main concepts: In a busy world it’s hard to really get people’s attention, and value propositions plus context equals positioning. I think these are both pretty advanced concepts for 10th grade students to grapple with, but their entries on Moodle were great. In the last 15 minutes of the 2-hour session, we had them write brand positioning statements for their favorite brands. They picked everything from Juicy Couture to Hot Pockets and did a great job building value propositions and identifying the key differentiators.

Sometimes I forget this is supposed to be a technology class! I figure that’s a good thing.



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  1. Dan Meyer / Nov 29 2007 7:33 pm

    OMG you’re a name-dropper and I don’t even care. OMG you’re friends with Axel?! When did my blogroll become so cool!?


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