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December 15, 2008 / Ben Chun

Comfort with Meaninglessness

An interesting recent post on Boing Boing: Comfort with meaninglessness the key to good programmers. This quote makes a lot of sense to me:

[B]eing consistently wrong in your mental model of how a computer works is better than being inconsistently right, because if you are consistently wrong, you only have to learn one thing to start being consistently right.

The discussion goes on to another aspect of meaninglessness that I’ve been struggling with: the difficulties in human studies subjects. I’ve avoided graduate studies in education because I can’t get my deterministic, science-driven brain around how to actually bring value into the world via the academic study of education. I feel like I want to position myself somewhere on a continuum between Carol Dweck and Claude Steele (both at Stanford, hmmm) but I hardly know where to start.


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