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March 20, 2009 / Ben Chun

Sorting Quiz

We did well today: 10 questions, multiple choice, class average 73%.

Most frequently missed question: What is the major difference between linear and binary insertion?

A. the technique used to search within the unsorted part of the list
B. the technique used to find the place within the sorted list to insert an item
C. the technique used to swap two items
D. the technique used to select an item to insert

We’re getting to the end of the content for this course. Now the hard part begins, where I try to both give students practical programming experiences and prepare them for the AP test. The countdown timer on my teacher web site says “The AP Computer Science test is May 5, 2009 — that’s 1 month and 16 days from right now.” Lots to do in the next six weeks. But I’ll bet that I’m more excited for spring break than any of my students.


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