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April 3, 2009 / Ben Chun

Do You Feel Bad Doing That?

Got a call this morning from a parent, wanting to get assignments for the week after spring break for her son who would be absent.  I told her I would talk to him in class that afternoon.

Afternoon comes around, but the student doesn’t.  I ask in the class, and someone offers up that he’s been on campus, but didn’t feel like coming.  Hey, me neither buddy.

So I get the parent phone numbers from a counselor.  No answer at home.  No answer at the cell number.  These numbers just ring and ring.  I know everyone is over voice mail and everything, but it’s not a bad idea to at least give someone the option.  No answer at work, but finally an answering machine.  It’s mom’s voice on the outgoing message, so I intone:

Hello Mrs. [blank], this is Mr. Chun.  We spoke this morning about your son getting some assignments from me for the week after spring break.  Unfortunately, he cut my class today so I wasn’t able to give him that work.  I hope you’ll have a conversation with him about that.

Hung up.  I hope his spring break doesn’t end completely before it starts, but then again, he already got the jump on it. So maybe it would be okay if it ended a little early. Another kid asks me, “Do you ever feel bad doing stuff like that?” I think about it for a minute and decide, “Nope.  I’d feel bad if i didn’t do that.”



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  1. Erik / Apr 7 2009 1:59 pm

    I wrote earlier today that this week is, in many ways, a throwaway week. At least on the elementary school level, the kids are completely out of control because they know they are close to being cut loose for a week+. You obviously don’t need my validation but you did the right thing and handled it as well as you could.

  2. Dad / Apr 8 2009 6:54 am

    Sadly, the son let his parent down as much as himself. You are just the mirror.

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