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September 5, 2009 / Ben Chun

Harper’s Index, Mr. Chun Edition

Hours elapsed between installing Parallels for unrelated reasons and using it to take a screenshot to email to a student in response a request for help: 3

Links sent to me today by friends which I have re-sent to coworkers as if I were an all-powerful data gathering machine filtering for information pertaining to their specific interests: 4

Comments posted in one week on my Facebook status update about religious students signing every email “In Him”: 14

Percentage of those comments that contained a sexual reference: 43

Students in the AP class who have already submitted the homework assignment given yesterday and not due until Tuesday: 1

Percentage of students in my classes whose names I do not know yet (based on a seating chart self-test from memory): 22

Hours spent in school-related meetings last week: 7

Hours spent teaching classes last week: 9

Average number of students per school day who click on a link to submit a “Forgot Password Help Request”: 24.8

Chances that a student knows that the only result of clicking the “Forgot Password Help Request” is that it generates an email to me which I then throw away: 0 in 2031


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  1. ben / Sep 6 2009 3:47 am

    only 9 hours teaching? wow. I spent five hours each day teaching seven classes. the rest sounds all too familiar. I sometimes wonder how other teachers would handle the constant interruptions to their classrooms by co-workers.

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