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September 28, 2009 / Ben Chun


Because it amuses me so, here is another set of student answers. This time the responses come from my AP Computer Science class and the question was: “What does encapsulation mean? (In your own words, please.)” These are my top five favorites so far.

Encapsulation is like a shield, it protects the data from being changed and only the methods in the same class can access it.

Encapsulation is when you want to be a little ninja and hide certain things from the general public because you simply don’t trust other people with your code.

Encapsulation is a way to hide data. It’s like the CIA of security.

Would placing a checkpoint on a road crossing a national border would be an adequate analogy?

Encapsulation means to set a limit to the instance variable so that it will not do anything inappropriate.

I love all of them! I feel like you only really get these kinds of gems if students are forced to write things down.


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