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June 22, 2010 / Ben Chun

What I Learned In One Day

For the definition of “day” being the time between getting up from a bed and going to sleep in a bed:

1. Amtrak sucks. I know all the track problems aren’t always their fault, but if you need to get somewhere on a schedule, it’s just not wise to get on an Amtrak train.

2. It’s possible to make a connection between a flight that lands at 9:07 pm and one that departs at 9:15 pm at Philadelphia International Airport if you don’t have any checked luggage and you walk fast. It also helps if the incoming flight is from Boston, because then the flight time will be overestimated by 30 minutes to help the airlines pad their on-time stats. However the people at the counter in Boston don’t necessarily know this and will tell you that there is no possible way to make the connection. Beg them to let you take the flight anyway.

3. It is possible to fly with both an iPad and a large bottle of shampoo in your carry-on. It just goes right through the x-ray machine. Easier, cheaper, and faster than checking a bag, if you’re willing to risk the shampoo. At $25 per checked bag, it’s a good gamble.

4. I’ve started relying so much on having Google Maps on my pocket that I must find a way to get data on my iPhone here in Jerusalem without paying AT&T’s rate of… wait for it… $19.97 per megabyte. I mean, really? At that price, I’m sure each bit is carried by hand from the cell tower to the fiber optic cable, but still. There’s no way to call that anything but gouging.


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