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September 13, 2011 / Ben Chun

Thiel’s Deal

We discussed Peter Theil’s 20 Under 20 today in my 10th grade class. I’ve been giving a writing assignment based on Who Needs College? The Triumph of Young Web Founders since 2008 and I figured it was time to update the reference.

First I had the students come up with metaphors — this class is a cross-curricular English collaboration — for dropping out of college to pursue a business idea. Some of their ideas: riding a roller coaster without a seat belt, going into a cave without seeing the light on the other side, and getting a lucky draw on a poker game.

I also asked them if they would take Theil’s offer.

It was interesting to see some of their comments and reasons:

“I would accept this offer because I do not think that college is a very useful. I think the only reason anyone wants to go to college in the first place is so they can get the college degree and get a job. College is helpful to people who want to learn, but a lot of people dont even go to class and waste their money on college.”

“I will not accept Thiel’s offer, because I believe education is more important. Since if one has the ability to be successful by dropping out of school and start a business, one can still be successful after finishing College.”

“I would definitely accept 100 grand and go to China and start something.”

“Even with an offer like this, college is still worthwhile. Not everyone can win the lottery but anyone can earn by working hard.”


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